Umpqua National Forest

2900 NW Stewart
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spectacular scenery from high mountain lakes, heart-stopping rapids, & peaceful pines
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Umpqua National Forest - The Umpqua National Forest is nestled on the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Explosive geologic events shaped the distinctive landscape on the 983,129-acre forest, and provide spectacular scenery as well as an abundance of natural and cultural resources. Visitors discover a diverse place of thundering waters, high mountain lakes, heart-stopping rapids, and peaceful ponds. The Forest is characterized by its many waterfalls, including the 293-foot Watson Falls on the North Umpqua Highway.

High Cascades glaciation, whitewater rapids and explosive volcanic events have shaped the spectacular scenery and abundant natural resources of the Umpqua National Forest.The lands were included as part of the Cascade Forest Reserve in 1893. In 1908, Congress designated close to a million acres as the Umpqua National Forest.The headwaters of the North and South Umpqua rivers and Row River begin on the Forest. Verdant stands of hemlock, true fir, Douglas-fir and cedar transition to lower elevation forests of mixed conifers and hardwoods. The waterways and diverse landscapes of the Forest create desirable habitat for many species of fish and wildlife in addition to providing outstanding recreational opportunities to our local communities and visitors.

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Umpqua National Forest
2900 NW Stewart

OR 97471 US

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