The Pinehurst Inn at Jenny Creek

17250 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520 US

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The Pinehurst Inn at Jenny Creek - Between 1915 and 1920, engineering crews wove a ribbon of asphalt through verdant meadows and tall pines, following a trail blazed by Oregon Trail pioneers Lindsey, Jesse, and Charles Applegate, creating what would later be known as Oregon 66 Scenic Byway.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles "C.W." Decarlow operated the stagecoach stop on Round Prairie just north of where the new route crossed Jenny Creek. As hay growers and postmasters for the fertile valley, they were accustomed to serving the needs of the community, and they saw an opportunity to serve coffee and lunches to the tired and hungry travelers navigating the new highway.

After years spent hewing and hauling and fitting huge timbers and shaving and aligning innumerous dovetails and mortises, they finally realized their dream: The Pinehurst Inn opened it's doors and for years provided sustenance and safety as a "motorized stage" stop on the road between Ashland and Klamath Falls.

Take a trip back in time and experience a lovingly restored slice of life from a different era. The Decarlow's house is now your house! Be our guest... at the Historic Pinehurst Inn on Jenny Creek.

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The Pinehurst Inn at Jenny Creek
17250 Hwy. 66

OR 97520 US

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