Tasty n Alder

580 SW 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97205 US

Feels like a party every night
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Tasty n Alder - A Portland neighborhood restaurant.  Brunch from 9am- 2pm Dinner starting at 5:30pm Mid day menu 2pm-5:30pm

"The vibe: Warehouse-y, reasonable prices, the sense of a party every night. “I’m bringing the Eastside vibe to downtown.” Smart move.

Breakfast: Don’t think Tasty N Sons, the clone. Signature addictions like the Burmese red pork stew and Israeli Shakshuka are staying at the mothership. Downtown will unleash Korean and Mexican inspirations (bibimbap with pork belly, eggs, cowboy beans, local tortillas) to match hush puppies, orange marmalade muffins, and a core of Tasty N Sons regulars like corn cakes with steak ’n’ eggs. This is a John Gorham joint: eclectic will rule the day.

Dinner, with a side of milkshake cocktails a la Pulp Fiction: Gorham’s steakhouse concept roams a world of big tastes, surprises, and wide-ranging influences. That means categories like “brunch for dinner,” “boards” (burgers, charcuterie, house-smoked trout), and “steaks,” with a handful of heavy hitters nightly. And, of course, Brownlow’s homemade cavatelli with sugo, his signature at Clarklewis. German beers figure large as do milkshake cocktails—Brandy Alexanders, grasshoppers, and pink ladies whirling at the bar. A key to Gorham’s success: Wedding a handcrafted ethos and big flavors to portion generosity with good value. If he pulls that off downtown, expect a big win."
-Portland Monthly Magazine

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Tasty n Alder
580 SW 12th Ave

OR 97205 US

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