Sunshine Mill Winery

901 E 2nd Street
The Dalles, OR 97058 US

A Location, An Experience
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Sunshine Mill Winery - Sunshine Mill has a long, colorful history! Wheat has been milled on this property for 130 years. The first Mill was a four story wooden structure powered by steam generation that burned down at the turn of the 20th century. When the four local families that owned the property chose to re-build they built with modern technology that would use electricity instead of steam. The White River Dam in Tygh Valley was built to provide electricity for this new mill.

The new mill was constructed in the manner of sequential forming of concrete and rebar at over 125 feet in height! This is the largest structure ever built in The Dalles to date and had all of its equipment built right into the building itself. This massive gravity flour mill equipment still exists in the buildings today. The equipment is all powered by great electric motors designed by Thomas Edison with all the equipment running together in mechanical shaft and belt drive system.

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Sunshine Mill Winery
901 E 2nd Street

OR 97058 US

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