Steam Donkey Trail

U.S. 26
Seaside, OR 97138 US

take a trip back in time
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Steam Donkey Trail - Springboard Loop (0.3 mile): 
Walk along this easy interpretive trail and take a trip back in time, when steam power was in full swing.
Begin this walk by crossing the bridge over South Fork Rock Creek. Stay right and follow the trail as it meanders into the forest. A sign explains the operatio of a steam donkey. Look directly behind the sign for the remnants of the log sled that once held the donkey engine. Visitors can take a sharp left to stay on Springboard Loop, or continue forward to Dooley Spur Loop for an 0.8 mile walk. The trail on the right is where Dooley Spur Loop ends. Dooley Spur Loop (0.5 mile):
A portion of the upper loop follows an old railroad grade, which was used to haul logs out of the forest prior to the 1933 Wolf Creek Fire. The trail crosses a small stream and drops back down near Rock Creek before climbing a series of stairs. After a gentle ascent, the trail levels off under the planted forest canopy. Cross another small stream, and keep right to return to Springboard Loop.

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Steam Donkey Trail
U.S. 26

OR 97138 US

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