Stag Lake

Pacific Crest Trail
Crescent, OR 97733 US

20 acres in size and 27 feet deep
Hiking Area Hiking Area

Stag Lake - Stag Lake is 20 acres in size and 27 feet deep and has populations of brook trout. The trail starts in a Douglas fir, mountain hemlock rest then grades into lodgepole and back to a mountain hemlock, noble fir forest. Fawn, Saddle, Stag lakes and the south part of the Diamond Peak Wilderness are the main attractions.

Directions from Crescent: Travel east on County Road 61 to its junction with Highway 58. Turn north onto Highway 58 and then east onto Forest Service Road 60 and on to the Lake and campground parking lot to reach the Fawn Lake Trail access.

Directions from Crescent Lake Junction: Via State Highway 58 at the east end of Odell Lake. Turn off Highway 58 onto Forest Service Road #680. Travel past Odell Lake Resort to the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks. The beginning of the trail is just across the tracks to reach the Crater Butte Trail access.

Seasonal Information:Normally Open: Spring through Fall .

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Stag Lake
Pacific Crest Trail

OR 97733 US

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