Sparrow Bakery

50 SE Scott St # 22
Bend, OR 97701 US

you've probably heard of our ocean rolls
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Sparrow Bakery - Since opening our doors in 2006, we have endeavored to accomplish a simple mission; to run an honest business, cook and bake delicious, beautiful food, and provide jobs we would be proud to have. We strive tobe a positive member of the community and encourage other businesses and citizens to be, not just good, but great for the sake of our extraordinary townA warm greeting when you walk in the door, a friendly smile to brighten your day, and an intoxicating bouquet of aromas that awakens your appetite.

The Sparrow Bakery is about so much more than what we bake. Our firm belief is that an amazing product should be exceeded only by an even more amazing experience. So while our made from scratch pastries, breads, and savories will have your mouth watering in anticipation, the personal service, attention to detail, and engaging personalities of our people make our unique and intimate space feel like a home away from home.

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Sparrow Bakery
50 SE Scott St # 22

OR 97701 US

(541) 330-6321
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