Schlechter Farms, Inc.

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continuing a family tradition dating back to the early 1900's
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Schlechter Farms, Inc. - Schlechter Farms is continuing a family farm tradition that dates back to the early  1900's when Jim's grandfather, Joseph Schlechter, settled in the Willamette Valley. Jim started farming in 1971 with wheat and clover seed, but switched in 1978 to sweet corn and onions.  Part of the farm is located in Lake Labish, where we grow the red and yellow onions for which Lake Labish is famous.

Our super-sweet corn (both white and yellow varieties) is sold to grocery stores all along the West Coast.  We grow a great deal of the sweet corn seen each summer in Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertson’s and Winco stores.  Many of the produce vendors at farmer’s markets in Oregon purchase sweet corn from us for resale to their farm market customers.  We also supply corn and other vegetables to several of the Willamette Valley farm produce stands.  And we operate a produce stand of our own during the corn season from early August through late October.

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Schlechter Farms, Inc.
10143 86th Ave NE

OR 97305 US

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