Salish Ponds Wetland Park

Salish Pond City Trail
Fairview, OR 97030 US

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Salish Ponds Wetland Park - A wide gravel path takes you around two small lakes surrounded by willows and some cattails, with a second path continuing N through a grassy meadow and ash woods. The ponds host waterfowl year round; in spring warblers abound in the willows. The meadow hosts sparrows, and the woods are good for thrushes, wrens and vireos. Osprey often dive into the small ponds to take stocked trout. Restrooms are located across the lake from the parking area.

Unique elements included the installation of custom boulder retaining walls, the use of columnar basalt as fishing platform headwalls, the installation of 2 automatic access gates, and the installation of over 20 pieces of Large Woody Debris as fish habitat structures. The work was performed in and around sensitive wetlands and ponds. Henderson incorporated field-fit elements to our erosion and sediment control practices to prevent turbidity from entering adjacent water bodies and to keep the project moving forward. The project was inspected and approved by representatives of the EPA and ODEQ to ensure that wet-weather Erosion and Sediment Control best management practices were being met.

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Salish Ponds Wetland Park
Salish Pond City Trail

OR 97030 US

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