Ramona Falls Trail

Trail #600B
Mount Hood Parkdale, OR 97041 US

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Ramona Falls Trail - This trail enters the Mount Hood Wilderness. Ramona Falls is a jewel drawing visitors to the area. The Sandy River, a designated Wild and Scenic River, is a dramatic example of the forces that a glacial fed river can bring forth to change the landscape. Physical signs of a volcanic debris flow from over 200 years ago are evident where the trail is near the Sandy River.

Starting from the lower trailhead, the Ramona Falls Trail follows the Sandy River and comes close to the Road 1825-100 at times. The junction with the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail #2000 (PCNST) is reached at approximately 1.5 miles from the trailhead sign. The PCNST heads southeast and leads to the Sandy River, Paradise Park and then Timberline Lodge in just under 10 miles. Heading northeast, the PCNST and the Ramona Falls Loop coincide until the falls are reached. The falls area provides a cool environment for a pause before your return trip. Crossing Ramona Creek on a foot bridge, the trail soon passes the second junction with the PCNST. Short sections of this portion of the loop have large, exposed roots left as a result of repetitive winter flood damage. Half a mile before the end of the loop, the trail connects to the Bald Mountain Trail #784. At this junction, there are several group camp sites with fire rings. The last leg of the loop crosses Ramona Creek and returns to the bridge over the Sandy River. Hikers objecting to sharing the route with horses will want to travel the Ramón Creek portion of the loop both directions to and from the falls.

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Ramona Falls Trail
Trail #600B

OR 97041 US

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