Pine Tavern Restaurant

967 NW Brooks St
Bend, OR 97701 US

Seventy five years of history!
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Pine Tavern Restaurant - The Pine Tavern Restaurant was founded in 1936 by two enterprising and courageous women named Maren Gribskov and Eleanor Bechen. At a time when the country was just barely pulling itself out of the Great Depression, these women built a thriving business serving a growing population of timber industry workers and their families. During World War II, Pine Tavern guests included soldiers stationed at Camp Abbot (now Sunriver) and the occasional tourist or skier who stumbled upon Bend. Over the course of almost thirty years, Maren Gribskov and Eleanor Bechen established themselves as exceptional cooks and gracious hosts, making the Pine Tavern the best restaurant in Central Oregon. As Bend grew and things changed, so did the Pine Tavern.

Some years, the restaurant favored casual family dining, with a cordoned-off and darkened bar. In other years, meals were served on white linen tablecloths and fine china. A major renovation in the 50’s enclosed two gigantic Ponderosa Pines in the Garden Room, at the time, a novel concept for the diners’ experience. After Maren and Elenor, and for a short time a man by the name of "Tex" forged the path. After "Tex", yet another strong and capable woman, Winifred Roley owned the restaurant in the 70’s. Being the shortest by Pine Tavern standards, her tenure lasted only a little more than a decade.

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Pine Tavern Restaurant
967 NW Brooks St

OR 97701 US

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