Phil's Trail Loop

National Forest Development Road 4606
Bend, OR 97701 US

looping trail for foot and bike traffic
Scenic Point Scenic Point

Phil's Trail Loop - Head west on the Brooks-Scanlon road and turn left on an abandoned road 1/4 mile from the trailhead. Follow this road 1/4 mile to the junction of another road and bear left. Continue winding along this road till you come to a cinder pit and turn right onto FS 020. Bear left at the first fork and ride to the junction with a cinder road. Turn right onto this road (FS 030) and continue along this road to a pit. Watch for the road to continue to the left of the pit.

Half a mile past the pit you will come to the junction of another road where you will head straight. This road will turn into a trail and climb up through a canyon. At the top you will cross FS 4610. Bear left at the first fork in the trail and continue along this trail for approximately 2.5 miles. Finally, leave the trail and take a right down the 3rd road and follow this for a short distance and take a right onto FS 4610, head left and follow this for 0.25 mile o a road on the right just before you get to Skyliner's road. Follow this road, as it enters the Big Burn, head left at the first fork. Skirt the forest's edge and take the first left through the burn onto an old abandoned road. Remain on this road by bearing to the left at the next four junctions to arrive back at the Brooks-Scanlon Road where you will turn right to get back to the trailhead. A lot of the roads are unmarked so watch for the Bike Route signposts.

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Phil's Trail Loop
National Forest Development Road 4606

OR 97701 US

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