Natian Brewery

1321 NE Couch St
Portland, OR 97232 US

brewing (nearly) one pint at a time
Brewery Brewery

Natian Brewery - We are, currently, a nano-brewery  brewing like mad to pass on our liquid goodness to all!  We are operating on a 1.3bbl system & are having fun getting our feet wet while learning the ropes of the beer biz while continuing to learn the ropes of the beer biz!  We are monkeys on display through the brewery windows & are always willing to put on a show for anyone that stops by to peer/leer/stare in.

Due to our size our beer may not be in every neighborhood around Portland but it is in many spots that are not a far (star)trek for most folk.  We have a rotating menu of beers available with a few staples that we always brew to have around.  The other flavors depend on the season, ( hence the term “seasonals”),  and well, what we feel like brewing!  To keep updated on what’s offered and where, please check out the On Tap! page in which we try to keep as updated as humanly possible.

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Natian Brewery
1321 NE Couch St

OR 97232 US

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