Miller Lake Trail

National Forest Development Road 1020
Williams, OR 97544 US

leads to beautiful scenic lake and hike
Forest Forest

Miller Lake Trail - Miller Lake is a beautiful, scenic lake that is three acres in size and approximately 50 feet deep. The area is a botanical wonderland with Brewers Spruce, Matthews Sugar Pine, White Fir and Douglas Fir tree species as well as Oracle and Saddlers Oak, two of the more rare brush species. For the more ambitious, the view from the ridge above the lake is spectacular, looking in both the Sturgis Fork and Steves Fork basins. Miller Lake is stocked with Brook trout every other year. Miller Lake was named after Walter Miller, a 19th century Applegate Valley rancher who made his annual hunting camp at the lake. The lake was originally a natural lake located near the ridge between Luttl Craggy Peak (6,250') and Steve Peak (5,866'). A road was built by the Thompson Creek Irrigation District to deepen the lake by damming with a regulatory lock. This service road has since been permanently closed.

Directions from Applegate: Travel south on County Road 10 across the forest boundary and to Forest Service Road 1020. Turn right on 1020 and follow it west for 3.5 miles to Forest Service Road 1020.400. Turn left, and follow 1020.400 for approximately 2.5 miles to the trailhead.

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Miller Lake Trail
National Forest Development Road 1020

OR 97544 US

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