McKay Creek

1416 NW Jackson St.
Hillsboro, OR 97124 US

Golf Course & Driving Range
Golf Golf

McKay Creek - McKay Creek is a moderately priced nine-hole golf course and driving range in the city of Hillsboro, Oregon, just nine blocks west of the Washington county courthouse. The Course crosses McKay Creek twice and is easily walked, although power carts are available. The regulation par 36 course with 3 par 3's, 3 par 4's and 3 par 5's is challenging and fun for golfers of all levels. Our 22 station covered, heated driving range is lit until 9:00 PM every night. Both experienced and beginning golfers will appreciate the well defined target greens. PGA Pro Craig Wilcox and Asst. Pro Julie Miller are available for private individual and group instructions, clinics, workshops, club selection and fitting. Fees: Weekdays: 9 Holes(before 4) - $10.00 18 Holes - $19.00 Jr. & Sr. - $9(before 4)/$17 Weekends/Holidays: 9 Holes - $13 18 Holes - $25 Carts: 9 Holes - $11 18 Holes - $21

McKay Creek is built on the old Naught dairy site, which spans McKay Creek on the west side of the city of Hillsboro. The original property had numerous outbuildings, an 80 foot tall round cement silo, and a large 3 level barn. The only surviving building is the farmhouse, built in 1929, which serves as the clubhouse.

In 1995 when the Reding family purchased the farm, as well as additional acreage from adjoining properties, it was being used for crop farming and raising cattle. Its numerous old fence lines were choked with trees and brush, and the open areas were being slowly filled by scrub brush, poison oak, and native trees such as Oregon ash, Ninebark, and Hawthorne, and non-native species of wild blackberries and canary grass.

Permitted early access to the property by the owner, the family began spending weekends and then evenings and weekends in the summer and fall of 1994 clearing trees and brush. Permits were finally issued the first week of July, 1995, and construction began. Jason, then 18 and on his way to college, ran the 1951 army surplus D8 Cat pulling an old cable-operated scraper (the Cat had no hydraulics!) moving the soil into areas for the tees and greens. Jeremy, a senior at Glencoe HS, then shaped the piles into the tees and greens seen today on the course, using a very tired 1948 Massey Ferguson tractor and box. Michelle, a sophomore at Glencoe, and Mom Jane helped with clearing and chipping brush and branches, and hauling firewood.

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McKay Creek
1416 NW Jackson St.

OR 97124 US

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