LaMancha Ranch

41969 Shadow Lane
Sweet Home, OR 97386 US

know the benefits of grass fed beef
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LaMancha Ranch - We all know the benefits of grass fed beef, cattle that are free to roam the plains - happy cows are tasty cows, right? Well Anita and David Landis at La Mancha Ranch & Orchard take it one more step... they've named their barn the "Cow Palace" because these fine Limousin grass fed beef cattle are truly treated like royalty.

And cows aren't the only thing getting the royal treatment at this tasty establishment in Sweet Home, Oregon located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. They're growing apples, hazelnuts, plums, apples, cherries, peaches, apples, apples and did I mention apples? Certified organic - eating local produce simply doesn't get better than this.
If eating local is a passion of yours, you must come visit the folks from La Mancha Ranch & Orchard at the Corvallis and Portland (PSU) Farmers Markets. You can also find their fresh produce and cider at the Brooklane Orchard Store, First Alternative Co-op in Corvallis, Sundance Foods in Eugene and The Daily Grind in Portland. 

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LaMancha Ranch
41969 Shadow Lane

OR 97386 US

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