Knott Trail

US Frst Service Road 2234
Dorena, OR 97434 US

constructed in 1871
Scenic Point Scenic Point

Knott Trail - The Knott Trail was originally constructed in 1871 by John Knott as the first northerly route into the Bohemia Mining Area. This remaining section of trail follows along an uneven ridgeline crossing over Adams Mountain, through open rock meadows and forest, and eventually connecting to the Utopian Road just below Cat Mountain. The rock meadows provide several view points to the south and a variety of wild flowers in the spring.

The Knott Trail also provides access to the connecting Crawfish Trail #1421 and the Adams Mountain Way Trail #1419, both of which lead down to Brice Creek. A short, 350' side trail leads to Martin Springs near the intersection of a trailhead located at the end of Road #2241. Martin Springs is small and is the only water along this trail route. (Treat the water before drinking it). One way trip hiking of this trail is about 2.5 hours. Trail grades average 10-15% with occasional short, steeper sections reaching 25%.

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Knott Trail
US Frst Service Road 2234

OR 97434 US

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