Hunter's Hot Springs Resort

18020 Highway 395
Lakeview, OR 97630 US

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Hunter's Hot Springs Resort - Whether you are just passing through and need a place to stay for a night, or want to spend a few days in the Oregon outback, we invite you and your family to the serenity of Hunter’s Hot Springs Resort. We offer excellent accommodations at a great value.  Enjoy peace and quiet just 2 miles north of town on our more than 40 acres of serene property.

After a long day of enjoying the treasures of Oregon’s Outback, come back and relax in our outdoor hot mineral water pool, which is maintained at about 104 degrees. The pool is also available for those not staying at the resort, and dressing rooms and shower facilities are available.

Hunter's Hot Springs Resort is the home of Old Perpetual, the only hot water geyser in the entire Pacific Northwest. Oregon's only continuously spouting geyser shoots a plume of 200 degree water over60 feet into the air every 90 seconds (seasonally) and fills the many surrounding ponds that attract a diverse bird population.   Old Perpetual is among one of the greatest attractions in Lakeview.

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Hunter's Hot Springs Resort
18020 Highway 395

OR 97630 US

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