Hunchback Trail

71170 East Jennie Lane
Rhododendron, OR 97049 US

through the middle of the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness
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Hunchback Trail - The Hunchback trail runs through the middle of the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness. This trail traverses the forested Hunchback Ridge which has several rocky viewpoints along the route. Scenic Devil’s Peak Lookout is located near the southern end of the trail.

Starting from the Zigzag Ranger Station, this trail climbs steeply for 1.9 miles, gaining over 2,000 feet in elevation to a viewpoint. Leaving the viewpoint, the trail traverses the Hunchback ridgeline until descending into a saddle and junction with the Green Canyon Trail #793A (3.6 miles). The trail continues for 2.4 miles as a series of steep climbs and descents that can be rocky, narrow and covered with fallen trees, to the Devil’s Peak Lookout trail. Devil’s Peak Lookout remains open to the public, but has been out of service for over 25 years. From the Lookout, continue southeast for 1.2 miles to the southern trailhead at Kinzel Lake/Sherar Burn Road (Forest Road 2613). Some segments of this trail are primitive with minimal tread surface, which can lead to several scrambles.

Hunchback Trail climbs steeply up the ridge through deep timber to a rim rock viewpoint of Salmon River Valley. Continuing on will take you up to Devil's Peak Lookout, eight additional miles along the ridge, making the round trip mileage 20.0 miles.

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Hunchback Trail
71170 East Jennie Lane

OR 97049 US

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