Holy Cow Cafe

University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403 US

a campus staple since 1997
Bakery Bakery

Holy Cow Cafe - Located in the EMU Student Union Building on the University of Oregon campus, the Holy Cow Café has operated since 1997. We specialize in organic vegetarian comfort foods from around the world. Located at University of Oregon, Erb Memorial, Union (EMU).

While a commercially produced apple and an organically grown apple may look the same, testing shows higher quantities of nutrients in the organic one. So, while organic may cost a little more money in the short run, you get more vitamins and minerals in your apple. Organic also can be a bit more labor intensive, but that often means you are supporting your local economy. Organic agriculture conserves and enriches the topsoil instead of poisoning it and using it up, and then moving on to degrade land elsewhere. As more and more people buy organic, the price falls, due to the economy of scale. So, do your health, your community, and your environment a favor, and buy organically grown foods!

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Holy Cow Cafe
University of Oregon

OR 97403 US

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