Historic Crater Lake Lodge

Crater Lake National Park
Crater Lake, OR 97503 US

Built on the edge of a caldera
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Historic Crater Lake Lodge - The historic 71-room Crater Lake National Park Lodge which is built on the edge of a caldera originally opened in 1915 and is open from late May to Mid-October. Three restaurants, gift shops, cabins, RV parking, camping and gasoline can all be found within the Park.  The Lodge features one of the most breathtaking views of the deep blue Crater Lake.  Boat tours are available July through Mid-September (weather permitting) and the park offers many hiking trails of different levels of difficulty, as well as guided walks and informational talks given by National Park Service Rangers.

In 1967, the National Park Service acquired the Crater Lake Lodge. The lodge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981. However, the building continued to deteriorate due to lack of funds. Despite being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the National Park Service felt restoring the old building was too costly so it was scheduled to be demolished. The decision was later reversed due to public opposition. In 1988, the National Park Service approved a plan to rebuild the lodge as part of the comprehensive Rim Village redevelopment program. In the spring of 1989, just before the lodge was to open for its summer season, structural engineers advised the National Park Service that the Great Hall was unsafe. It was so unstable they feared it might collapse from its own weight, bringing down the rest of the lodge with it. This forced the National Park Service to close the lodge pending renovation. After two years of planning, construction began in 1991.

Some original materials were salvaged for reuse, but most of the original building had deteriorated to the point it could not be saved or reused. However, the Great Hall was carefully dismantled. The rest of the building was gutted and a steel support structure, modern utilities and fire suppression system were installed, and guest rooms were upgraded to modern hotel standards. The renovation was completed in the fall of 1994 at a cost of $15 million. On 20 May 1995, Crater Lake Lodge reopened to the public. Today, visitors to Crater Lake Lodge enjoy modern accommodations in a rustic atmosphere reminiscent of the original 1920 era lodge. The lodge has 71 rooms. Each room provides modern comfort and privacy.

The Great Hall has been completely restored. The dining room overlooks the lake and serves northwest regional cuisine. An exhibit room just off the lobby provides information about the history of the lodge, Crater Lake, and the park. The lodge is open from late-May to mid-October.

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Historic Crater Lake Lodge
Crater Lake National Park

OR 97503 US

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mikekmikek mikekmikek
This is marked in the wrong location as the lodge literally sits at the edge of Crater Lake. This spot looks to be more like the location for the historic Prospect Hotel (William Jennings Bryan, Zane Grey, John Muir, Jack London, Gifford Pinchot, President Roosevelt and President Herbert Hoover all slept there)
September 9, 2013 at 11:05 PM Historic Crater Lake Lodge