Hawks Rest Ranch Stables & Trail Rides

94727 North Bank Rd
Pistol River, OR 97444 US

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Hawks Rest Ranch Stables & Trail Rides - Horseback riding on beaches and ranches, private rides also available. This 200-acre ranch is situated in the historical Pistol River Valley on the Southern Oregon Coast.  Hawk's Rest Ranch, named for the abundant red tailed hawks soaring overhead, is surrounded by the Siskiyou Mountains on the East and the rocky shores of the Pacific Ocean on the West. 

Much of the ranch is protected from the coastal winds and the fog that hugs the coast line.Hawk's Rest Ranch offers trail rides on this pioneer homestead that has a quiet stream flowing through it and is dotted with several ponds. Since it is on the forest edge, many different species of plants and wildlife abound. Since the lodge is located less than a mile from the magnificent coastline, beach rides are available as well.

Hawk's Rest Ranch has used their horses in movie productions and commercial advertising. Our horses are not only great for the beginning horseman, but also for the more experienced equestrian.

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Hawks Rest Ranch Stables & Trail Rides
94727 North Bank Rd

OR 97444 US

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