Hamaker Loop Trails

National Forest Development Road 406
Foster, OR 97345 US

goes through an open forest of lodgepole pine
Scenic Point Scenic Point

Hamaker Loop Trails - LAKE WEST TRAIL #1069 (10 MILES) : Beginning at the West Diamond Lake Sno-Park, the Lake West Trail goes through an open forest of lodgepole pine, gradually, descends in to a canyon, crosses over the Rogue River, and then proceeds gently downhill until the depression of Lake West appears to the south. A snow shelter built by the Grants Pass Nordic Ski Club is located at Lake West. Please feel free to use the shelter, showing respect and consideration for others who wish to use it and those who donated their time and money to build it. Once this shelter is gone, there may never be another to replace it.

After a mile of gradual decent, there is a steep pitch where the trail crosses Mazama Creek. Proceed here with CAUTION. After leaving the Mazama Creek canyon, the trail continues gradually downhill to where the lodgepole forest is replaced by Shasta red fir, white fir, and Douglas fir. From the intersection with the Hamaker Loop Trail, the Lake West Trail continues gradually downhill for four miles to HWY. 230. HAMAKER LOOP TRAIL # 1062 (10.5 MILES) *CLOSED DUE TO WASHOUT* : This is a loop trail off of the Lake West Trail through old growth Douglas-fir forests.

This trail provides views of Minnehaha Creek and the rocky outcrop of Hamaker Butte. About halfway through the trail near Hamaker Bluffs, one can catch a view of Crater Lake Rim, Mt. Thielson, and Mt. Bailey. The trail continues gradually down hill from this point. DIVIDE TRAIL # 1063 (4.1 MILES) : Beginning at the Hamaker Campground turnoff on Hwy. 230, the Divide Trail proceeds in a northwesterly direction up to the Rogue-Umpqua Divide. It connects with the Fish Creek and Old Man Trails on the Diamond Lake Ranger District, and eventually loops back to the West Diamond Lake Sno-Park.

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Hamaker Loop Trails
National Forest Development Road 406

OR 97345 US

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