Gearhart Mountain Wilderness Trail System

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Gearhart Mountain Wilderness Trail System - Gearhart Mountain Trail # 100:
Trail Length: 13 " miles
Elevation: Low, 6340 ft., High, 8120 ft., Elevation difference, 1780 ft.
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

The Gearhart Mountain Trail offers Wilderness visitors the opportunity to travel north or south through the middle of this interesting Wilderness Area on a well defined and marked route. Two access points are available at this time; one on the North Fork of the Sprague River and one at Lookout Rock via the Corral Creek Forest Camp road. The entry portal trail users take is somewhat dependent on what their interests are. If fishing is on the agenda, most folks will use the North Fork of the Sprague River entrance to access pristine Blue Lake. If sight seeing, hiking, or photography are the reasons for the visit, the Lookout Rock entrance is the best. This entrance provides quick (~ mile) access to the Palisades, an area of about 10 acres full of convoluted rock outcrops, balancing rocks, and deeply incised rock walled mazes carved by nature.

This is a great place to take the kids and let their imaginations run wild as they see silhouettes of lions, bears, dragons, and other shapes in the rocks. A couple of miles further up the trail from the Lookout Rock entrance trail users will get a great view of the Dome, a 300 ft. high bare rock monolith perched on the hillside like a giant gumdrop. Trail users can continue on this trail to the Notch, a giant cleft in the northern face of Gearhart Mountain itself. Both on and off of the trail Gearhart Mountain is a fascinating place full of geologic wonders and abundant wildlife. Remember, however, to be properly prepared; the weather can change in minutes at this elevation at any time of the year.

The party size limits in the Gearhart Wilderness Area, including pack stock is 10 heartbeats. (Example: 4 people, 2 mules, and 4 horses, or any combination thereof equals 10 heartbeats) Boulder Springs Trail # 101:
Trail length: 3 " miles
Elevation: Low, 6580 ft., High, 7840 ft., Elevation difference, 1260 ft.
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult The Boulder Springs Trail joins the Gearhart Mountain Trail at a point approximately one mile north of the Notch. This trail runs down the southwestern flank of Gearhart Mountain to an abandoned trailhead. The road to this trailhead was recently (1999) obliterated to protect Deming Creek, a critical bulltrout stream, from excessive siltation. Currently (March 2000) no other access to this trailhead exists. This trail has steep grades and is not maintained to the standard that the Gearhart Mountain Trail is.

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Gearhart Mountain Wilderness Trail System
Road 212


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