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Fish Lake Nordic Trails - Lollipop Loop (Easy) : Lollipop is an easy 6.8 mile loop that begins at the Fish Lake Snowpark. The first 1.2 miles, or the "stem" of the lollipop, is a shared ski/snowmobile trail (please keep to the right; snowmobiles are not allowed beyond the junction with the Peppermint Trail). The loop can be skied in either direction - most prefer clockwise - and offers some wonderful views of Mt. McLoughlin and Brown Mountain. There are numerous side-trails to vary your ski tour. Lund's Link (More Difficult) : Lund's Link (0.9 miles) connects South Rye to the Fish Lake Snowpark.

Use caution and always take off your skis when crossing Highway 140 (getting up and down the snowplow berm can be a chore when there is plenty of snow). South Rye Trail (More Difficult) : The South Rye Trail (4.0 miles) begins at the South Rye Snowpark. It can be accessed from either the Fish Lake Snowpark (O.9 miles via Lund's Link) or the Summit Snowpark (0.5 miles via the Canal Trail). Perhaps the best way to ski South Rye is to leave a car at the South Rye Snowpark and shuttle up to Summit Snowpark; good snow conditions can make this a very fun run through the middle downhill section. Fish Lake Tie (More Difficult) : This 1.5 mile route connects Lollipop to the Pacific Crest Trail at Hwy. 140. This is a hiking trail in the summertime and clearing limits are narrower.

A "figure eight" loop is possible by connecting with the Resort Snowmobile Trail (again, keep to the right!). It is also possible to continue to Summit Snowpark via the PCT by crossing Hwy. 140. Peppermint Trail (More Difficult) : Peppermint forms a 1.4 miles side loop with Lollipop. There is a zippy downhill section through the woods when skied in the clockwise direction from the upper junction with Lollipop; this section is rated more difficult. The lower part of the trail is an easy snow covered road (#920) that is shared with an occasional snowmobile. Sucker's Alley (Easy) : A 0.6 mile short cut that bisects the upper Lollipop Loop. An easy pleasant ski. Candy "Cain" Trail (Easy) : A rolling 0.7 mile side loop off of upper Lollipop (Named after Taylor Cain, an active volunteer and past president of a local ski club). Considerations : Please remember that dogs are not allowed on designated Nordic ski trails on the Rogue River and Winema National Forests. Public restrooms are available at the Fish Lake Snowpark. Fish Lake Resort is usually open weekends during the winter recreation season. There is a cafe, small grocery store, cabins for rent and a public telephone. Search and rescue is a county responsibility; in an emergency, notify: JACKSON COUNTY SHERIFF (911).

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Fish Lake Nordic Trails
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