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188 S. Hemlock
Cannon Beach, OR 97110 US

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EVOO Cannon Beach - EVOO has a simple, straight forward philosophy when it comes to food. A few simple rules serve as our guidelines for the home cook or the professional. Learn the cooking basics and cook in the seasons, utilizing the freshest and most flavorful local ingredients. We believe the basic kitchen "wardrobe" is important, too. A good knife or two, cutting board, and great cookware will increase the cook's enjoyment and satisfaction. Sure there is a certain amount of satisfaction when cooking around a camp fire, with only a pot, a spoon and a twig, because everything tastes good on a camping trip, but nobody would want to do that everyday. Ours at EVOO is the well-dressed kitchen that promises to enhance the student's cooking experience and further demonstrate the concept of "right tool for the job."

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EVOO Cannon Beach
188 S. Hemlock

OR 97110 US

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