Deadwood Snowpark

Big Elk Road
Ashland, OR 97520 US

open to Nordic skiers, snowmobilers, and more
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Deadwood Snowpark - The "Deadwood" area, named in the 1850s-1860s for the presence of fire- or insect-killed trees around the edge of a nearby meadow, offers a variety of opportunities for the winter recreationist. Nordic skiers, snowmobilers, snowshoers, winter campers, and dog sledders (rarely) all use this area. The gentle terrain of the Dead Indian Plateau makes Deadwood an especially good spot for beginner and novice snowmobilers and skiers.

However, the more experienced winter recreationist can also find challenges on extended day or overnight trips. There are no marked trails in the area except for an occasional orange diamond on roads 37 and 3710 which are designated snowmobile routes. Skiers: Inexperienced skiers (or those with only limited time) may want to stay on Road 37 which runs north from the Snowpark. Go right at the "Y" about 1/2 mile from Deadwood. The road to the left is 3710. Beaver Dam and Daley Creek Campgrounds are located adjacent to 37 just under two miles from the Snowpark. Skiers with good orienteering skills will find lots of unmarked opportunities on other snow-covered roads and "skid roads" in the vicinity. Numerous partial loop tours on these roads are available to the experienced skier with good map and compass skills.

Roads 37 and 3710 are occasionally groomed to a width of 12 feet. The Nordic "skater" will especially enjoy a freshly groomed track. Snowmobilers: Deadwood Snowpark offers access to Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods to the north and east and to Hyatt Lake to the south. The Rogue Snowmobile Club occasionally grooms Forest Service Roads 37 and 3710 to the north and west, and the unnumbered BLM/private road to the south. (Important Note: As of December 1996, access "routes" from Deadwood to the more formally designated snowmobile "trails" are not signed. Snowmobilers unfamiliar with the area should purchase more detailed maps of the area. See "Special Considerations" below.) Special Considerations: (1) A 1" to the mile "District" contour map, available at the Ranger Station for $3.00, is essential for exploring most areas radiating out from Deadwood. The "Jackson/Klamath Winter Trails" map is also very helpful. (2) Skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobilers must stay to the right, especially on blind corners.

(3) Dogs are welcome, but please keep under control, especially when snowmobiles or dog teams are approaching. (4) Be safe. Plan your trip according to your ability and experience. (5) Use courtesy and respect, so that all winter recreationists can enjoy their winter travel.

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Deadwood Snowpark
Big Elk Road

OR 97520 US

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