Crater Lake National Park

Pacific Crest Trail
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an epic lake with a violent volcanic past
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Crater Lake National Park - Crater Lake has inspired people for thousands of years. No place else on earth combines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color; sheer surrounding cliffs, almost two thousand feet high; two picturesque islands; and a violent volcanic past. It is a place of immeasurable beauty, and an outstanding outdoor laboratory and classroom.

Crater Lake has long attracted the wonder and admiration of people all over the world. Its depth of 1,943 feet (592 meters) makes it the deepest lake in the United States, and the seventh deepest in the world. Its fresh water is some of the clearest found anywhere in the world. The interaction of people with this place is traceable at least as far back as the eruption of Mount Mazama. Founded May 22, 1902, Crater Lake National Park seeks to preserve these natural and cultural resources.

Crater Lake National Park is an area of 249 square miles dedicated to the preservation of its natural and cultural resources. For many years, park managers have looked at this task as a job to be accomplished only for the enjoyment of its human visitors. As important as this goal remains to be, park personnel now take a more comprehensive view of the ecosystems and interactions within the environment we call Crater Lake National Park.

Wizard Island is a cinder cone that erupted after Crater Lake began to fill with water.  It is one of two islands in Crater Lake. Seven different trees live on Phantom Ship, an island in Crater Lake. 

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Crater Lake National Park
Pacific Crest Trail

OR 97604 US

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