Cowboy Dinner Tree

50962 East Bay Rd.
Silver Lake, OR 97638 US

still serves-up the beans and bread
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Cowboy Dinner Tree - Years and years ago when, long before there was an old shack under what is now the Cowboy Dinner Tree, the ranchers from Paisley, Summer Lake and Siver Lake pushed their cattle through Sycan trail enroute to the lush meadows of the Sycan Marsh.

By the time the cowboys had moved the cattle from Silver Lake lake bed to the Dinner Tree, it was considered the half-way point. There, the chuck wagon was waiting to serve-up some buckeroo beans and biscuits. 

Today after all these many years, the Cowboy Dinner Tree still serves-up the beans and bread, along with a slab of beef that most cowboys would only dream of on the trail!

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Cowboy Dinner Tree
50962 East Bay Rd.

OR 97638 US

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jamie.douglass.5 jamie.douglass.5
the food and unique atmosphere are well worth the long drive. by the time you get to your steak you will need a doggie bag, because you'll have enough leftovers for two more meals. call days ahead in the summer to make reservations (it's a VERY popular place!) if you don't eat meat, you're not going to be happy eating here. there are a few rooms to stay in (if the drive seems daunting) and the price includes your dinner. also, "no electricity, no credit cards, no kidding."
July 30, 2013 at 3:21 AM Cowboy Dinner Tree