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The Cook and Green Trail offers opportunities for fishing, camping and viewing a diverse forest ecosystem. Water may be found at two springs along the trail but has not been tested for safety. Treatment is recommended. Beginning on Forest Road 1040, the trail begins a gradual ascent through a dense mixed forest comprised of canyon live oak, mountain mahogany and big leaf maple. The trail continues a 3.5 mile traverse above Cook and Green Creek before reaching No-See-Em camp. This campsite is one of only two sites large enough to accommodate 1-2 tents. After leaving the campsite, the trail climbs gradually along the west side of Bear Gulch. Here, the deciduous forest gives way to large stands of old growth Douglas-fir, Ponderosa pine, noble fir, and the rare Brewers spruce. Ferns, beargrass, and huckleberry bushes blanket the forest floor. A small spring is passed just prior to reaching Cook and Green Pass, marking the end of the trail. This trail also offers an opportunity for a 15 mile loop beginning and ending at the Cook and Green Trailhead. To complete the loop, take the Cook and Green Trail 8.2 miles to the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail #2000 at Cook and Green Pass. From the pass, head southwest on the PCNST for two miles to the junction with Horse Camp Trail #958, above Echo Lake. Turn right and descend on the Horse Camp Trail for 3.9 miles to the Horse Camp Trailhead. From here, walk north on Road 1040 for half a mile to the Cook and Green Trailhead.

Cook and Green Trail

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