Clackamas Sunnyside Grange Farmers' & Artists Market

13100 SE Sunnyside Rd
Clackamas, OR 97015 US

located in the heart of the Clackamas community
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Clackamas Sunnyside Grange Farmers' & Artists Market - Great things can be said for the smallest grass roots open air market in the state. This wonder is located in the heart of Clackamas and the community is grateful we are here.So, what can you find at the states smallest open air market? fine local Organic Produce and Fruit's one could possibly imagine. You'll also find fresh local Produce, Fruits, Arts, Crafts, Fine Foods, Baked goods & fresh Breads, Raw Honey, Fine Art, Farm Fresh Eggs, specialty items, plants, flowers, nursery stock, and more.We are a 100% market, meaning we only sell what we grow and those are the very rules we set for our vendors. Although we are a small market, our customer base continues to grow. The folks ofClackamas and Happy Valley continue to support us with great numbers and look forward to our growth.We are working hand in hand with the members of the Sunnyside Grange partnering to provide to the people of Clackamas, Happy Valley, SE Portland, Mt. Scott and SE Clackamas.

The Grange, and the Market are on a mission! We want to feed, cloth, and provide toys for those in distress. Collection barrels will at the market and we will be collecting canned and dried foods for Oregon Food Bank, personal goods, cloths, coats and blankets for local emergency shelters, and toys for the Shriners and the Sunshine Division.

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Clackamas Sunnyside Grange Farmers' & Artists Market
13100 SE Sunnyside Rd

OR 97015 US

(503) 407-3403
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