Cinco Estrellas Farm

93790 River Rd
Junction City, OR 97448 US

truly a family farm
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Cinco Estrellas Farm - Cinco Estrellas is truly a family farm. Roberto’s three sons and two daughters were all raised there and attended the local high school in Junction City. Now his grandchildren’s swing-set and tricycles are as much a part of the landscape as the red and green rows of lettuce. Roberto’s daughter Maria  also runs the neighboring farm, Nuevo Amenecer. Even the farm’s name was inspired by Roberto’s family: three sons + two daughters = five stars (cinco estrellas). Roberto affectionately says,“Maria is one of those stars.”

The farm has been organic from the beginning. Roberto states his reason for using Organic methods simply by saying, “I don’t like to use chemicals.” In addition, he uses cover crops to prevent soil erosion, and rotates his crops yearly to promote soil fertility. Roberto currently incorporated drip irrigation to conserve water, planting beds with plastic much for weed control and crop cover fabrics to extend the growing season. He’s starting native tree plantings on the edges of the farm as another way to preserve the land he loves.

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Cinco Estrellas Farm
93790 River Rd

OR 97448 US

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