Bull Run Distilling Co.

2259 NW Quimby Street
Portland, OR 97210 US

high quality, handcrafted spirits in volumes
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Bull Run Distilling Co. - Bull Run Distilling Company (BRD) was founded by acclaimed Portland distiller, Lee Medoff, and business partner Patrick Bernards in the spring of 2010. BRD looks for raw ingredients for both Rum and Whiskey with an eye not only for quality, but for inspiration. It's people that grow sugar cane and barley in some specific place and every person and everyplace has a story. That's why at BRD we source the story as much as we source quality. Bull Run Distillery is located in a beautiful 7000 sq. ft. barrel-roofed building built in 1955. 

Bull Run also searches out and acquires other amazing dark spirits - spirits that are distilled by others, but which we blend, cut and bring to market under our TEMPERANCE TRADER label.

If that weren't enough, we'll also be producing a collection of unique, small-batch craft spirits that will be found exclusively in the Bull Run Distillery Tasting Room. These spirits will comprise our TEMPERANCE line of spirits. The Bull Run Distillery Tasting Room is scheduled to open in the fall/winter of 2011.

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Bull Run Distilling Co.
2259 NW Quimby Street

OR 97210 US

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