Bull Gap Snowpark

1-9 National Forest Development Road 20
Ashland, OR 97520 US

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Bull Gap Snowpark - Bull Gap Trail (Easy-More Difficult): The 5.7 mile Bull Gap Trail links the Bull Gap Snowpark to the Mt. Ashland Ski Area. Beginning at Bull Gap Snowpark, the trail follows snow-covered road 2080 to Bull Gap (3.3 miles). The elevation loss is about 600 feet and the trip down is a pleasant one with some nice views, including Mt. McLoughlin to the northeast. Bull Gap is a four-way intersection at a saddle on the ridge between Neil Creek and Ashland Creek. From Bull Gap the trail turns uphill on road 200 to the left and climbs 1100 feet in 2.5 miles to the Mt. Ashland Ski Lodge. The road from Bull Gap to the Ski Lodge is not yet marked with blue diamond trailblazers, but is not difficult to follow. When skiing the route in reverse begin at the Mt. Ashland parking lot near the ski lodge, look for blue diamond trailblazers and traverse just below the lodge to the north, follow the blazers to the ski area boundary where the road enters the forest; from this point the blazers leave off, and the road is easily followed. Crest Loop (Most Difficult): The Crest Loop is a 2.0 mile aside to the Bull Gap Trail for skiers of advanced/intermediate skill. It is most enjoyable when skied in the counterclockwise direction. The loop begins at the junction of the Bull Gap Trail (road 2080) and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), about 0.4 miles from the Snowpark. The route follows the PCT for 0.8 miles, mostly through the trees, then zigzags steeply downhill through the woods to road 050 which returns to the Bull Gap Trail. From the Snowpark it's 3.4 miles roundtrip with 440 feet of elevation lost and regained. Warning: If conditions are icy the downhill section between the PCT and road 050 is best avoided. Road 200 to Ashland (More Difficult): Occasionally, when the snow level drops to the valley floor, it is possible to ski beyond Bull Gap all or most of the way to Ashland on road 200. From Bull Gap take road 200 north. The trip from the Snowpark to the upper end of Terrace Street in Ashland is 12 miles and 4000 vertical feet. Road 200 is not marked with blue diamond blazers. Please remember that dogs are not allowed on designated Nordic ski trails on the Rogue River National Forest. For the most up to date snow conditions the Mt. Ashland Snow-Phone # is 482-2754. When the wind is blowing, Bull Gap is a good alternative to the Grouse Gap Trail on the south side of Mt. Ashland. Search and rescue is a county responsibility; in an emergency, notify: JACKSON COUNTY SHERIFF (911).

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Bull Gap Snowpark
1-9 National Forest Development Road 20

OR 97520 US

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