Big River Road

Cottage Grove, OR 97424 US

Dotted with Scenic wildlife

Big River Road - S tarting from Cottage Grove at the south end of the valley, this loop takes you south along the Coast Fork of the Willamette River, with a stop at a large reservoir, then east along one of its main tributaries before you climb to higher-elevation forests along the Calapooya Divide. You’ll notice a change in the rocks and plants at roadside, as you’ve crossed into older geologic formations that belong to southwestern Oregon. Coming down the east side of the divide, you enter a rugged area with a history of gold-mining. As you explore further in this unique corner of the Willamette Valley, visit serene waterfalls before you complete the loop by way of Dorena Reservoir. In winter the central part of this loop is often impassable, but you can still find excellent birding in East Regional Park just east of Cottage Grove.

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Big River Road

OR 97424 US

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