Bear Creek Trailhead

Unnamed Road, Fremont National Forest
Paisley, OR 97636 US

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Bear Creek Trailhead - The Bear Creek Trailhead (6,200') accesses the Fremont National Recreation Trail which is open to hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bike riders.
Accommodations include a very limited parking area and signed trail directions. Activities include fishing, bird watching, wildlife viewing, wading in the creek, and photography. Fremont National Recreation Trail: In this vicinity the trail to the north will allow users to access upper Bear Creek, Slide Mountain Geologic Area, and the top of Winter Rim. The trail to the south provides access to Little Bear Creek, views of 500 foot deep Bear Creek Canyon, and the Chewaucan River at Chewaucan Crossing Trailhead. The trail to the south of Bear Creek at the Rd. 3315 access point is a great mountain bike ride of about 8 " miles, mostly downhill. Fishing opportunities for native redband trout are available in Bear Creek, Little Bear Creek, and the Chewaucan River.

Directions from Paisley: Travel southwest on Mill Street which becomes Forest Road 3315 at the "Y" intersection. Stay to the right and continue on Forest Road 3315 for approximately 9 miles to junction with FS Road 348. Take Road 348 southwest for approximately 3 miles to the junction with Rd. 014 at the point where Bear Creek passes under the road. Take Rd. 014 northwest for approximately 1 mile to the point where Bear Creek passes under it. Trail directional signs are on both sides of the road.

Seasonal Information:Normally Open: June through Mid-October (NOTE: Trail and parking area maintained during these dates.) . Normally Open: April through October .

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Bear Creek Trailhead
Unnamed Road, Fremont National Forest

OR 97636 US

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