Beachcombers Haven

7045 N.W. Glen Ave.
Gleneden Beach, OR 97388 US

A small town treasure
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Beachcombers Haven - A small town treasure, since 1974. As a family, we had spent years coming to the Oregon Coast bringing friends to share in deep sea fishing trips out of Depoe Bay, crabbing off the docks in “Taft” (before Moe’s was there!) and roller skating in what is now Mill’s Tru-Value Hardware. We appreciated our time away to play, relax and take in the peace of a walk on the beach. It was out of those experiences that Beachcomber’s Haven came into our family in 1974.

It was a beautiful property with old buildings which had stood since the 1930′s (when it was called Vista Del Mar). Down came the tired, small motel size rooms and in their place are 600-1200 sq ft units with full kitchens (really!), living room, 2-3 bedrooms and ocean views. The current Beachcomber’s Haven hosts everything from a weekend getaway to family reunions, retreats (sewing are among the favored), business meetings and special events.

Duane and Alyce Thomson built Beachcomber’s Haven with family in mind. Alyce is still running the show making certain you have a delightful stay on the Oregon coast. She knows the “special” places to go and will readily share with you. Beach access and a quiet community truly helps one feel as if this is a “Home Away from Home” place to stay.

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Beachcombers Haven
7045 N.W. Glen Ave.

OR 97388 US

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