Barn Owl Nursery

22999 SW Newland Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070 US

offering a variety of locally grown herb plants for over 30 years
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Barn Owl Nursery -  Welcome to Barn Owl Nursery.  We started our home based, retail herb nursery in 1982.  For over 30 years we have offered a variety of locally grown herb plants.  About 20 years ago we started specializing in lavender plants.  We hosted our first small Lavender Festival in 1998. Many more varieties of lavender have become available from Oregon growers and the number of different lavenders that we offer has increased each year.    

 Now we offer a nice selection of culinary herbs with over 100 varieties of locally grown lavender plants.  All of the perennial plants we sell have been started from cuttings. This insures that we are getting the correct species and cultivars.

The majority of the plants we sell are grown using organic practices.     We invite you to visit our nursery April through July.  Walk through our sales area and test gardens.  

You will see different lavenders growing in containers and in our landscape.  We have incorporated different herbs with other plants in our gardens.  Our test gardens are always changing, as we try new varieties of lavender in different locations.

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Barn Owl Nursery
22999 SW Newland Road

OR 97070 US

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