Apex Beer Bar

1216 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97202 US

Over 50 beers on tap
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Apex Beer Bar - 50 beers on tap! Combining a love of great beers from around the world with a life-long passion for all things two-wheeled.Q: Do you fill growlers?A: No.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept.A: Cash only, please pay as you go. We have an ATM.
Q: Can I bring my well behaved pet/minor to the beer garden?A: No.
Q: Can I buy a glass you have?A: Thanks for asking, depends on the glass, but for the most part, yes.
Q: When will you have the item of APEX clothing I want back in stock?A: Follow us on Twitter and you’ll hear the announcement, or look at the shelf when you come in.
Q: Are bottles available to go?A: Yes, over 250 different kinds.
Q: Can I make a reservation?A: No.
Q: What kind of food do you serve?A: None. You’re welcome to bring whatever food you’d like to enjoy with your beer.
Q: Will you show the college or major league football, baseball or basketball game I’m interested in?A: No.
Q: Do you have Pliny the Elder?A: Check the menu, if it’s on there, it’s pouring.
Q: When are you pouring Pliny the Younger? Can I buy tickets?A: When it gets here. First come, first served. Follow us on Twitter for more info, that’s the only place where advanced info will be given.
Q: When aren’t you open for your regular hours?A: We’re closed all day on Thanksgiving and on Christmas day we open at 7PM.
Q: Can you turn the music down or play something else?A: No. We have free earplugs available if you’d like some.

Apex Beer Bar
1216 SE Division St.

OR 97202 US

(503) 273-9227
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