2Cs Antiques

215 S. 1st Street
St. Helens, OR 97051 US

over 50 vendors on three different floors
Thrift / Vintage Store Thrift / Vintage Store

2Cs Antiques - We have over 50 vendors on three floors, offering new, used, vintage, crafted and antique wares. Give yourself plenty of time to browse and enjoy your shopping experience.

Currently, 2Cs rents vendor space for approximately $1.25 per square foot per month. This means a booth that’s 6 feet wide by 5 feet deep is just $37.50 per month. That’s quite a bit less than space rental fees at many vendor malls.And for vendors with little time to watch over their spaces, the arrangement at 2Cs is ideal.2Cs only charges for space rental and does not take a percentage or commission on items sold. In addition, the store is watched at all times by either Diane or Lynn or their store manager, eliminating the need for vendors to present to sell their wares.The shop currently has about 25 vendors ranging in all sizes with all sorts of items. On the first floor you’ll find children’s items, recycled computers and computer monitors, furniture, antique dresses, hundreds of DVDs or china and glassware. Up in the loft overlooking the first floor there are still some vendor spaces available, although sporting goods items and some furniture is already moving into the space.

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2Cs Antiques
215 S. 1st Street

OR 97051 US

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