HIgh Desert Discovery Byway
Wide-open spaces

HIgh Desert Discovery Byway - The High Desert of Harney County is a far cry from the Oregon west of the Cascades. Covered with juniper and sagebrush and dotted with dramatic mountain ranges, this is true frontier country, a remnant of the wild west.

The High Desert Discovery Scenic Byway guides you through the heart of this sparsely populated region, offering broad panoramas of wide-open spaces so seldom encountered today. This Byway serves as a gateway to awe-inspiring Steens Mountain, the Diamond Craters, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, the Pete French Round Barn and the Alvord Desert. Its austere beauty offers incredible solitude; alone in the high desert, you feel a bit like a cowboy or pioneer from another era. As a modern day pioneer exploring this frontier, plan accordingly as basic services are few and far between.

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